6 Bible Study Series

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No Wonder They Crucified Him!

Details of Venus and Times


Week 1.... Thursday 15th February  11:30 am   Queens Parade

Jesus Won't accept neutrality - Rev Alan Craig


Week 2.... Thursday 22nd February   8pm   Ballyholme

Jesus sets conditions on Grace - Rev Brian Anderson


Week 3.... Wednesday 28th February   8pm   Wesley Centenary

What does Jesus think of fun - Rev Alan Craig


Week 4....  Thursday 8th March   11:30am   Queens Parade

What's in the bag - What's in the bag? Rev Brian Anderson


Week 5.... Thursday 15th March   8pm   Ballyholme 

Jesus can be scary - Rev Alan Craig


Week 6.... Wednesday 22nd March   8pm   Wesley Centenary

Jesus invites us to Breakfast - Rev Brian Anderson


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